Rio Intouch Scandi 3D Shooting Heads

Rio Intouch Scandi 3D Shooting Heads

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After years of success as the secret weapon of European anglers, we are proud to introduce our multi-density Scandi 3D shooting heads to everyone else. Seamlessly integrating three different densities along the length of a single head, RIO's InTouch Scandi 3D heads cut through wind and current, and let you swing the fly deep without snagging bottom when the current slows. We build these lines around our ultra-low-stretch ConnectCore for enhanced sensitivity, easier mends, and faster hook sets. In short, Scandi 3Ds revolutionize how we fish rivers at depth, and change the very definition of “fly water.”

Floating/Hover/Intermediate: The ideal head for swinging flies in the top three feet of the water column. The floating back portion makes mending and pickups easy, while the hover midsection and intermediate tip keeps the fly fishing below the surface.

Hover/Intermediate/Sink 3: This head is built for deeper presentations or heavier currents, swinging the fly, on average, two to five feet below the surface. The Hover back section allows for easy casting and line control, while the intermediate mid-section and Sink 3 tip hold the fly at fish level.

Intermediate/Sink 3/Sink 5: When you really have to get down to the fish, this is the fastest sinking, deepest-fishing head we make. It swings the fly, on average, between four and 10 feet deep, and yet the graduated density still allows for outstanding line control and easy casting.

  • Triple density head design for maximum fishing control
  • Ultra-low stretch connect core for maximum performance
  • Effortless casting design for distance and presentation
  • Rio's easy ID to easily identify head size and density

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ImageHousecodeSupplier codeSizeTypeRRPPriceOnhand
GU5516RSF12440#6/7 440Gr 32ftF-H-IN/A£64.99Will ship in approx. 12 days.
GU5517RSF12480#7/8 480Gr 34ftF-H-IN/A£64.99Will ship in approx. 12 days.
GU4147RSF12520#8/9 520Gr 38ftF-H-IN/A£64.99In stock
GU4148RSF12580#9/10 580Gr 39ftF-H-IN/A£64.99In stock
GU4149RSF12640#10/11 640Gr 40ftF-H-IN/A£64.99In stock
GU5130RSF12700#11 700Gr 42ftF-H-IN/A£64.99In stock
GU5518RS123440#6/7 440Gr 32ftH-I-S3N/A£64.99Will ship in approx. 12 days.
GU5519RS123480#7/8 480Gr 34ftH-I-S3N/A£64.99Will ship in approx. 12 days.
GU4971RS123520#8/9 520Gr 38ftH-I-S3N/A£64.99Will ship in approx. 12 days.
GU4150RS123580#9/10 580Gr 39ftH-I-S3N/A£64.99In stock
GU4151RS123640#10/11 640Gr 40ftH-I-S3N/A£64.99In stock
GU5131RS123700#11 700Gr 42ftH-I-S3N/A£64.99In stock
GU4972RS235520#8/9 520Gr 38ftS2-S3-S5N/A£64.99In stock
GU4152RS235580#9/10 580Gr 39ftS2-S3-S5N/A£64.99In stock
GU4153RS235640#10/11 640Gr 40ftS2-S3-S5N/A£64.99In stock
GU5132RS235700#11 700Gr 42ftS2-S3-S5N/A£64.99In stock
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