Greys QRS Cassette Fly Reel

Greys QRS Cassette Fly Reel

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Greys QRS Cassette Fly Reel

The Greys QRS Cassette Fly Reel is the perfect system for fly anglers who like to swap fly lines to suit the conditions at hand. It's simple to use and features a brilliant spool release system which enables you to fish a floating line one minute; an intermediate the next, or a sink tip for keeping your flies under control in that all-important sub-surface taking zone.

Greys QRS or "Quad Rating System" is an innovative characteristic that improves the efficiency of your fishing. With just the flick of a switch, you can fish using four completely different lines sizes.

Cassette fly reels are especially favourable among competition fly anglers who carry loads of lines to allow them to fish flies at the right depth. For example, an intermediate might be working for a short period, but then conditions change, fish start feeding deeper, or competitors start catching loads of fish using the washing line technique on a Di7. Not only does a cassette fly reel system offer flexibility, it also decreases the number of fly reels that you need to carry. Therefore, for competition anglers, the QRR is a fantastic solution. It ensures that you have the right tools at your disposal, giving you the competitive edge.

As with all Greys fly reels, a considerable effort has gone into the research, design and manufacture process to ensure the end product aligns with the fly fisherman's needs. That's why in the QRS, you can expect a fly reel that offers outstanding power-to-weight ratio. It features a full 6061 bar stock aluminium frame containing a clear, light, yet durable, polycarbonate spool. The spool is also large arbor to give you a faster retrieve rate for each turn of the fly reel handle, essentially allowing you to land fish quicker. Other benefits include the ability to easy strip line off the reel for casting, decreased line coiling, and the ability to put more backing on the spool for those long, hard fighting runs.

Of course, having plenty of backing is excellent for playing hard fighting fish, but you still need to control the amount of line that leaves the spool. Therefore, another superb feature is Rulon Disc Drag. Rulon is a tough plastic that dissipates heat and reduces the amount of pressure required to make the drag deliver enough friction. This results in a smoother drag, less wear, less degradation of the drag washers, and fundamentally, a longer lasting reel.

However, out of all the cool features, the Quad Rating System is by far the most impressive. The Greys QRS Cassette Fly Reel comes supplied with four cassettes, two of each lines size, along with line identification pins. For small rivers, the 2/3 model allows you to fish a WF3 + 45m backing; the 4/5 gives you WF5 + 60m backing. For larger rivers and light Stillwater use, the 5/6 lets you fish a WF6 + 50m backing. And for larger Stillwaters where you need to fish heavier flies and windier conditions, 7/8 capacity: WF8 + 100m backing is perfect. For Salmon fishing, you also have the option of a 9/10 capacity: WF10 + 220m backing or the 11/12 capacity: WF12 + 275m backing.

Overall, this is a system that takes the guesswork out of line selection and increases the fly angler's productivity. It is also a reel that gives you a lot of freedom to fish many lines without having to lug a lot of extra reels in your fishing bag or waistcoat. It balances well with most good quality fly rods, and of course, it is a quality reel that is reasonably priced.

So if you are in the market for a Cassette Fly Reel, the QRS ticks all the boxes. It's light, durable and exceptionally versatile. But more importantly, it's been designed by anglers for anglers.

Key Features:
  • Manufactured from full bar stock 6061 aluminium with clear polycarbonate spools.
  • Reel supplied with 4 cassettes (2 of each line size), along with line identification pins.
  • Rulon disc drag.
  • Unique ‘QRS Locking System' for easy spool release.
  • Supplied in a Neoprene pouch.

PLEASE NOTE: We are expecting delivery of the 5/8 model soon but cannot guarantee delivery before the New Year.

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