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Hardy Ultralite ASR Cassette Fly Reel + 2 Spools

Hardy Ultralite ASR Cassette Fly Reel + 2 Spools

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HR1938 Model: 9000 #9/10/11 Additional 2-3 days to ship.

Product Description

Hardy Ultralite ASR Fly Reel

When fly fishing, there are many situations when you need to carry additional fly lines. For example, when fishing a stillwater or reservoir from either the boat or bank, conditions can change rapidly. One minute the wind can be very light and the waves are a gentle ripple; the next, the wind picks up significantly, and the conditions are choppy. You may have picked up a couple of fish on a buzzer fished from a floating fly line, but all of a sudden the takes dry up because fish are now getting caught further down. Therefore, if you want to keep catching fish, you need to have a variety of lines to deal with the conditions in front of you.

When you need to carry additional lines, you have a few options available. You could have a couple of reels with different fly lines, say a weight forward floater on one reel, and an intermediate line on the other reel. But what if you have been using the floater all day and decided to change to the intermediate? You would need to shift to the other fly reel. Alternatively, you could have one fly reel with many spare spools, with each spool housing a line. You could, therefore, carry a floating fly line, intermediate, sink-tip, Di 3, 4 and even 7 for fishing down deeper.

With the latter, this requires a fly reel that will be a real workhorse for you. So the best option is to go for a lightweight fly reel that is easy to change spool and doesn't cost an arm and a leg for spares. The perfect reel for the job is the Hardy Ultralite ASR Fly Reel. ASR stands for "Assisted Spool Release," and will transform the way you fish.

The ASR is simple to use and features an easy to use spool system. The range is lightweight and is suitable for the challenges of modern river fishing, or, stillwaters. Just a flick of a switch actively frees the spool, allowing you to change fly lines quickly. The reel caters to the challenges of modern competition fly angling where efficiency, speed, and good fly line choice are a must. Other significant advantages of the Hardy Ultralite ASR include its lightweight size designed explicitly for modern river fishing and a push fit switch to engage the new spool automatically.

Regarding features, the reel is constructed from bar stock 6061 aluminium, has a high impact composite spool, line identification system to make it easy for you to know what line is on what spool, and comes with two additional spare spools and reel case.

It comes in a variety of sizes and line ratings, therefore, covering you for every eventuality. For example, the #4/5 model is perfect for small rivers using light tackle, and the #7/8 is ideal for heavier lines and big reservoirs. If you fish for Salmon, there is also a #9/10/11 which is excellent for Spey lines, Shooting heads or Skagit lines.

The drag system is simple to operate and features a multi-pad, colour coded 340-degree disc drag that is silky smooth to operate and offers excellent control when playing fish. Retrieving line is also an efficient task.

On the whole, you won't go far wrong with the ASR. The build quality, aesthetics, and weight also make it a fantastic reel to look at and would balance perfectly with any good quality, compatible fly rod.

  • Bar stock 6061 main construction
  • High impact Composite spool
  • Unique 'ASR' spool system
  • Line ID system
  • Multi pad, colour coded 340 degree disc drag
  • Heavily ported lightweight design
  • Full size range
  • Supplied with two additional spare spools and case

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HR193814042419000 #9/10/11WF10+150 (30lb Dacron)£329.99£290.00£261.00Additional 2-3 days to ship.
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