Fish Skull Baitfish Head

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Skulls Per Pack:

  • Small: 10 skulls per pack
  • Small/Medium: 8 skulls per pack
  • Medium: 8 skulls per pack
  • Large: 6 skulls per pack

Fish skull have created a superb Baitfish head that has an endless amounts of uses when tying both freshwater and saltwater streamer patterns of flies.

The Baitfish head is a superb piece of innovation, It puts a real modern twist on fly tying and the patterns you can create.

The Baitfish head is a superb alternative for adding weight to your flies rather than old style beads, leads or lead wraps and dumbbells. By using the Fish-skull it allows the user to tie a large number of patterns including the use of natural and synthetic materials.

  • Realistic Baitfish Profile
    The head allows an imitation of the head of the fish and the gills. The head make more noise in the water allowing for more of an attraction.
  • Innovative "Front Fitting" Design
    The design allows the tier to tie their patterns of choice quick and easy. One of the key ways this is done as there is no need for epoxy to build the head to the desired size.
  • Realistic 3D Eyes
    The eyes are included in the price of the head eliminating the need to buy others. The eyes improve catch rate as they act as an important trigger for predator fish.
  • Top and Bottom Slots
    This allows the materials to be made wider as they have a greater area to move.
  • Weight and Finish
    Fish-skull have been able to make a metal composite that allows the head to have a large surface area and not add extra weight than is needed. The heads are 100% lead free. They are also salt water resistant.
  • Built in Keel
    The keel allows the 70% of the flies weight to be place below the shank of the hook similar to a dumbbell, this allows the fly to have better presentation in the water and lets the fly be tied in the 'Hook Up' position if desired.

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BM0430FSGCSGolden ChartreuseSN/A£7.25In stock
BM0431FSSBSSilverSN/A£7.25In stock
BM0432FSDGSDark GreySN/A£7.25In stock
BM0435FSBBSBlueSN/A£7.25In stock
BM0436FSGCMGolden ChartreuseMN/A£7.25In stock
BM0438FSSBMSilverMN/A£7.25In stock
BM0439FSDGMDark GreyMN/A£7.25In stock
BM0440FSBBMBlueMN/A£7.25In stock
BM0441FSTBMTanM£6.75£5.00Last 1 remaining!
BM0442FSBBLBlueLN/A£7.25In stock
BM0443FSDGLDark GreyLN/A£7.25In stock
BM0444FSGCLGolden ChartreuseLN/A£7.25In stock
BM0446FSSBLSilverLN/A£7.25In stock
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