Hends Heavy Bodies Jig Backs 10pc

Hends Heavy Bodies Jig Backs 10pc

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Product Description

These are nymph shaped tungsten "weights" - ideal for creating super heavy patterns for fast rivers or when only one fly is allowed and you need to get deep quickly.

The Bodies have a slot on the underside - simply sit the weight on top of your hook shank and either bind down with tying thread or use a drop of superglue ... as you can see from the shape , these look very good on curved shanked hooks.

  • 2.4 0.28g can be used for hook sizes 16 and larger
  • 2.8 0.37g can be used for hook sizes 14 and larger
  • 3.2 0.55g can be used for hook sizes 12 and larger
  • 3.6 1.00g can be used for hook sizes 10 and larger
  • 10pcs per pack

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeSizeColourRRPPriceOnhand
FHE0007AAHBG2.40.28g Hook Size 16Gold£6.99£3.75In stock
FHE0007ABHBG2.80.37g Hook Size 14Gold£6.99£3.75In stock
FHE0007ACHBG3.20.55g Hook Size 12Gold£6.99£3.75In stock
FHE0007ADHBG3.61.0g Hook Size 10Gold£6.99£3.75In stock
FHE0007AEHBS2.40.28g Hook Size 16Silver£6.99£3.75In stock
FHE0007AFHBS2.80.37g Hook Size 14Silver£6.99£3.75In stock
FHE0007AGHBS3.20.55g Hook Size 12Silver£6.99£3.75In stock
FHE0007AHHBS3.61.0g Hook Size 10Silver£6.99£3.75In stock
FHE0007AIHBC2.40.28g Hook Size 16Copper£6.99£3.75In stock
FHE0007AJHBC2.80.37g Hook Size 14Copper£6.99£3.75In stock
FHE0007AKHBC3.20.55g Hook Size 12Copper£6.99£3.75In stock
FHE0007ALHBC3.61.0g Hook Size 10Copper£6.99£3.75In stock
FHE0007AMHBB2.40.28g Hook Size 16Black Nickel£6.99£3.75In stock
FHE0007ANHBB2.80.37g Hook Size 14Black Nickel£6.99£3.75In stock
FHE0007AOHBB3.20.55g Hook Size 12Black Nickel£6.99£3.75In stock
FHE0007APHBB3.61.0g Hook Size 10Black Nickel£6.99£3.75In stock
FHE0007AQHBN2.40.28g Hook Size 16Nickel£6.99£3.75In stock
FHE0007ARHBN2.80.37g Hook Size 14Nickel£6.99£3.75In stock
FHE0007ASHBN3.20.55g Hook Size 12Nickel£6.99£3.75In stock
FHE0007ATHBN3.61.0g Hook Size 10Nickel£6.99£3.75In stock
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