Spirit River Lite-Brite

Spirit River Lite-Brite

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A new concept in dubbing, a pearlised tinsel that can be dubbed straight onto the hook resulting in flies that shine and glisten in the water. It can also be combined with natural furs to give flies, nymphs and pupae shining highlights that prove attractive to the trout of stillwater and rivers. This new dubbing will also enhance sea trout, steelhead and salmon patterns.

Available Colours: River Green, Minnow Blue, Dark Olive, Gold, Pearl/ Blue Flash, Black, Copper, Pearl/ Green Flash, Pearl Green/ Olive, Silver, Burgundy, Holographic Silver, Polar Pearl, Fire Fox Peacock, Brite Yellow, Salmon Pink, Rainbow, Purple Haze, Ocean Blue.

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeColourRRPPriceOnhand
➕🛒FVE0104AW0000LBDP-152-ZGold OliveN/A£4.99Temporarily out of stock 🛒
➕🛒FVE0104AY0000LBDP-334-ZRuby RedN/A£4.99In stock 🛒
➕🛒FVE0104AZ0000LBDP-188-ZHot LimeN/A£4.99In stock 🛒
➕🛒FVE0104AA0000LBDP-330-ZRiver GreenN/A£4.99In stock 🛒
➕🛒FVE0104AC0000LBDP-092-ZDark OliveN/A£4.99In stock 🛒
➕🛒FVE0104AD0000LBDP-143-ZGoldN/A£4.99In stock 🛒
➕🛒FVE0104AE0000LBDP-305-ZPearl/ Blue FlashN/A£4.99In stock 🛒
➕🛒FVE0104AF0000LBDP-021-ZBlackN/A£4.99In stock 🛒
➕🛒FVE0104AG0000LBDP-069-ZCopperN/A£4.99In stock 🛒
➕🛒FVE0104AJ0000LBDP-348-ZSilverN/A£4.99In stock 🛒
➕🛒FVE0104AL0000LBDP-185-ZHolographic SilverN/A£4.99In stock 🛒
➕🛒FVE0104AM0000LBDP-318-ZPolar PearlN/A£4.99In stock 🛒
➕🛒FVE0104AN0000LBDP-115-ZFire Fox PeacockN/A£4.99In stock 🛒
➕🛒FVE0104AO0000LBDP-036-ZBrite YellowN/A£4.99In stock 🛒
➕🛒FVE0104AP0000LBDP-340-ZSalmon PinkN/A£4.99In stock 🛒
➕🛒FVE0104AQ0000LBDP-323-ZRainbowN/A£4.99In stock 🛒
➕🛒FVE0104AR0000LBDP-321-ZPurple HazeN/A£4.99In stock 🛒
➕🛒FVE0104AS0000LBDP-278-ZOcean BlueN/A£4.99In stock 🛒
➕🛒FVE0104AU0000LBDP-287-ZPeachN/A£4.99In stock 🛒
➕🛒FVE0104AV0000LBDP-341-ZSand ShrimpN/A£4.99In stock 🛒
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