Genuine Seals Fur

Genuine Seals Fur

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The most famous of all the dubbing materials. Hundreds of applications. We will supply Baby Seal fur whenever possible, but on occasion soft mature seal fur will be supplied.

Available Colours: Black, Olive, Natural, Claret, Red, Golden Olive, Orange, Yellow, Fiery Brown, Green Highlander.

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeColourRRPPriceOnhand
FVE0074AK00000SFG-092-ZDark OliveN/A£7.25In stock
FVE0074AL00000SFG-213-ZLight OliveN/A£7.25In stock
FVE0074AM00000SFG-028-ZBlue DunN/A£7.25In stock
FVE0074AN00000SFG-040-ZBrown OliveN/A£7.25In stock
FVE0074AO00000SFG-050-ZChartreuseN/A£7.25In stock
FVE0074AP00000SFG-121-ZFluorescent GreenN/A£7.25In stock
FVE0074AR00000SFG-129-ZFluorescent RedN/A£7.25In stock
FVE0074AS00000SFG-137-ZFluorescent YellowN/A£7.25In stock
FVE0074AU00000SFG-163-ZGreyN/A£7.25In stock
FVE0074AW00000SFG-320-ZPurpleN/A£7.25In stock
FVE0074AG00000SFG-395-ZYellowN/A£7.25In stock
FVE0074AF00000SFG-280-ZOrangeN/A£7.25In stock
FVE0074AE00000SFG-324-ZRedN/A£7.25In stock
FVE0074AC00000SFG-258-ZNaturalN/A£7.25In stock
FVE0074AB00000SFG-234-ZOliveN/A£7.25In stock
FVE0074AA00000SFG-021-ZBlackN/A£7.25In stock
FVE0074AI00000SFG-159-ZGreen HighlanderN/A£7.25In stock
FVE0074AJ00000SFG-152-ZGolden OliveN/A£7.25In stock
FVE0074AD00000SFG-087-ZClaretN/A£7.25In stock
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