Glo-Brite: Floss 25yds, Lime Green No12

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Superbright, colourfast, floss and yarn comes in 16 fluorescent colours. Glo-brite floss is the original material for Okay Dokey's. Glo-brite Yarn is good for tags and tails.

The floss is available in two lengths: 25 yards and 100 yards. The yarn is available in one length: 8 yards

Colours Available: White, Yellow, Chrome Yellow, Phosphor Yellow, Green, Lime Green, Orange, Fire Orange, Hot Orange, Scarlet, Crimson, Purple, Amber, Pink, Neon Magenta, Blue

Also available selection pack - 16 x 25 yard spools (Floss) and 16 x 8 yard spools (Yarn) - the full colour range.

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FVE0119AAGBFLSS25/439/BIFloss 25yds, Neon Magenta No1N/A£1.25In stock
FVE0119AGGBFLSS25/445/BIFloss 25yds, Orange No7N/A£1.25In stock
FVE0119AFGBF206Floss 25yds, Hot Orange No6N/A£1.25In stock
FVE0119AEGBFLSS25/443/BIFloss 25yds, Fire Orange No5N/A£1.25In stock
FVE0119ADGBFLSS25/442/BIFloss 25ds, Scarlet No4N/A£1.25In stock
FVE0119ACGBFLSS25/441/BIFloss 25yds, Crimson No3N/A£1.25In stock
FVE0119ABGBFLSS25/440/BIFloss 25yds, Pink No2N/A£1.25In stock
FVE0119AHGBF208Floss 25yds, Amber No8N/A£1.25In stock
FVE0119AIGBF209Floss 25yds, Chrome Yellow No9N/A£1.25In stock
FVE0119AJGBF210Floss 25yds, Yellow No10N/A£1.25In stock
FVE0119AKGBFLSS25/449/BIFloss 25yds, Phospur Yellow No11N/A£1.25In stock
FVE0119ALGBFLSS25/450/BIFloss 25yds, Lime Green No12N/A£1.25In stock
FVE0119AMGBFLSS25/451/BIFloss 25yds, Green No13N/A£1.25In stock
FVE0119ANGBFLSS25/452/BIFloss 25yds, Blue No14N/A£1.25In stock
FVE0119AOGBF215Floss 25yds, Purple No15N/A£1.25In stock
FVE0119APGBFLSS25/454/BIFloss 25yds, White No16N/A£1.25In stock
FVE0120AAGBFLS100/439/BIFloss 100yds, Neon Magenta No1N/A£2.50In stock
FVE0120ABGBFLS100/440/BIFloss 100yds, Pink No2N/A£2.50In stock
FVE0120ACGBFLS100/441/BIFloss 100yds, Crimson No3N/A£2.50In stock
FVE0120ADGBFLS100/442/BIFloss 100yds, Scarlet No4N/A£2.50In stock
FVE0120AEGBFLS100/443/BIFloss 100yds, Fire Orange No5N/A£2.50In stock
FVE0120AFGBF106Floss 100yds, Hot Orange No6N/A£2.50In stock
FVE0120AGGBFLS100/445/BIFloss 100yds, Orange No7N/A£2.50In stock
FVE0120AHGBF108Floss 100yds, Amber No8N/A£2.50In stock
FVE0120AIGBFLS100/447/BIFloss 100yds, Chrome Yellow No9N/A£2.50In stock
FVE0120AJGBFLS100/448/BIFloss 100yds, Yellow No10N/A£2.50In stock
FVE0120AKGBFLS100/449/BIFloss 100yds, Phosphor Yellow No11N/A£2.50In stock
FVE0120ALGBFLS100/450/BIFloss 100yds, Lime Green No12N/A£2.50In stock
FVE0120AMGBF113Floss 100yds, Green No13N/A£2.50In stock
FVE0120ANGBFLS100/452/BIFloss 100yds, Blue No14N/A£2.50In stock
FVE0120AOGBF115Floss 100yds, Purple No15N/A£2.50In stock
FVE0120APGBFLS25/454/BIFloss 100yds, White No16N/A£2.50In stock
FVE0121AAGBY01Yarn 8yds, Neon Magenta No1N/A£1.10In stock
FVE0121ABGBMULTIY/440/BIYarn 8yds, Pink No2N/A£1.10In stock
FVE0121ACGBMULTIY/441/BIYarn 8yds, Crimson No3N/A£1.10In stock
FVE0121ADGBMULTIY/442/BIYarn 8yds, Scarlet No4N/A£1.10In stock
FVE0121AEGBMULTIY/443/BIYarn 8yds, Fire Orange No5N/A£1.10In stock
FVE0121AFGBY06Yarn 8yds, Hot Orange No6N/A£1.10In stock
FVE0121AGGBY07Yarn 8yds, Orange No7N/A£1.10In stock
FVE0121AHGBY08Yarn 8yds, Amber No8N/A£1.10In stock
FVE0121AIGBMULTIY/447/BIYarn 8yds, Chrome Yellow No9N/A£1.10In stock
FVE0121AJGBMULTIY/448/BIYarn 8yds, Yellow No10N/A£1.10In stock
FVE0121AKGBMULTIY/449/BIYarn 8yds, Phosphor Yellow No11N/A£1.10In stock
FVE0121ALGBMULTIY/450/BIYarn 8yds, Lime Green No12N/A£1.10In stock
FVE0121AMGBMULTIY/451/BIYarn 8yds, Green No13N/A£1.10In stock
FVE0121ANGBMULTIY/452/BIYarn 8yds, Blue No14N/A£1.10In stock
FVE0121AOGBY15Yarn 8yds, Purple No15N/A£1.10In stock
FVE0121APGBMULTIY/454/BIYarn 8yds, White No16N/A£1.10In stock
FVE0119AQGBFLSELE/455/CZ25yd Floss SelectionN/A£19.99In stock
FVE0121AQGBMULTIY/455/BI8yd Yarn SelectionN/A£17.99In stock
FVE0120AQGBFLSELE/455/L100yd Floss SelectionN/A£27.99In stock
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Store Address
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