Microbrite Dubbing Thread

Microbrite Dubbing Thread

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These dubbing threads are created via a unique flocking process, applying synthetic metallic dubbing onto a twisted thread base. The result is a vibrant sparkling chenille with many applications, from small trout flies up to salmon patterns. With full control of the dubbing process as an integral part of their construction, these ropes will allow neat bodies, a previously difficult process with this type of dubbing material.

It comes in three distinct types: Plus-2mm diameter, Ex-Fine-1mm diameter and Leaded.

Available Colours: Peacock, Silver, Black, Gold, Gold/ Black, Olive, Grey, Brown, Orange, Rusty Brown, Pearl, Red, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Multi-Colour.

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FVE0096AAMICROBRT-288-DZ+2mm, PeacockN/A£4.99In stock
FVE0096ABMICROBRT-348-DZ+2mm, SilverN/A£4.99In stock
FVE0096ACMICROBRT-021-DZ+2mm, BlackN/A£4.99In stock
FVE0096ADMICROBRT-143-DZ+2mm, GoldN/A£4.99In stock
FVE0096AFMICROBRT-234-DZ+2mm, OliveN/A£4.99In stock
FVE0096AGMICROBRT-163-DZ+2mm, GreyN/A£4.99In stock
FVE0096AHMICROBRT-038-DZ+2mm, BrownN/A£4.99In stock
FVE0096AIMICROBRT-280-DZ+2mm, OrangeN/A£4.99In stock
FVE0096AJMICROBRT-338-DZ+2mm, Rusty BrownN/A£4.99In stock
FVE0096ALMICROBRT-324-DZ+2mm, RedN/A£4.99In stock
FVE0096AMMICROBRT-317-DZ+2mm, PinkN/A£4.99In stock
FVE0096AVMICROBRT-234-DYExtra Fine 1mm, OliveN/A£4.99In stock
FVE0096BAMICROBRT-291-DYExtra Fine 1mm, PearlN/A£4.99In stock
FVE0096BBMICROBRT-324-DYExtra Fine 1mm, RedN/A£4.99In stock
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