Guideline FITS Turbo Cones

Guideline FITS Turbo Cones

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Mikael Frodin has designed a cone that brings your fly to life! F.I.T.S TURBO So obvious so ingenious and yet a world first! The cone that brings your fly alive - the cone that allows you to use the softest imaginable materials. Yes, the turbo cone gives your flies unique swimming properties. Let your fly push away as much water as possible, thus creating its own turbulent water stream that will make even the softest materials to move and maintain their volume even in the slowest and hardest of currents. This theory is obvious and genius and in practice it astounds you!

Tie the softest of marabou flies and it will maintain a volume and a lifelike action you never though possible. Without the turbo cone it turns into a thin, dead string of hairs in hard current. The Turbo Cone creates its own turbulence - its own current, where the material in the fly works in an incredible way. Finally, you can fish with the most lifelike and soft material in all pools on all imaginable fish lies. Of course these Cones are adapted to the FITS tubing system. The three smallest sizes fit the x-small tubing and the L size fits the Small size tubing. The cones will fit without any unnecessary dimensional difference or any need for stretching the tubing. Simply put, they just fit - FITS!

The Turbo Cone is developed to optimize the properties of your tube flies, but there are endless options and possibilities. Line it with a small piece of tubing and slide it in front of any fly you like. These cones transform a boring Wooly Bugger into a tempting, swimming killer. Or slide it in front of a Bomber or your traditional salmon fly or Micro Tube, Fished on a floating line, you will get a fly that hitch or skate better than ever - Wow, yet another killer combination!

X-Small: 2.5mm x 6.0mm 0.20grams
Small: 3.0 mm x 8.0mm 0.34grams
Medium: 3.5mm x 10mm 0.55grams
Large: 4.5mm x 12mm 0.75grams

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