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Berkley Flatt Shad

Berkley Flatt Shad

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Product Description

The bait's distinctive, larger belly than upper head width provides stability, letting it to swim at various speeds and create explosive movements. The shad silhouette's ultra-low centre of gravity allows for a wide range of applications, including slow rolling, jigging, trolling, and burning. The Flatt shad is a one-of-a-kind, whisper-quiet vibration bait that's ideal for both finesse and power fishing. Because of its sharp and robust Fusion 19 hooks and long-distance qualities, it may be used in both fresh and saltwater. The smaller variants are great for perch, zander, aspius, pike, and even seabass, while the larger ones are great for catfish and pike jigging and throwing.

  • Swims perfectly at all speeds
  • Troll it, jig it, burn it, slow roll it!
  • No internal rattles, allowing finesse and power fishing
  • Long distance casting
  • Fusion 19 hooks

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeSizeColourRRPPriceOnhand
PU12025153265850mm 11gAyuN/A£9.99In stock
PU12027153266050mm 11gGhostescentN/A£9.99In stock
PU12028153266150mm 11gNatural Blue Back HerringN/A£9.99In stock
PU12029153266250mm 11gNatural ShinerN/A£9.99In stock
PU12030153266350mm 11gPerchN/A£9.99In stock
PU12032153266550mm 11gUV CrawdadN/A£9.99In stock
PU12033153266650mm 11gUV Spotted Neon YellowN/A£9.99In stock
PU12034153266750mm 11gUV TigerN/A£9.99In stock
PU12035153266866mm 20gAyuN/A£11.99In stock
PU12036153266966mm 20gFiretiger GoldN/A£11.99In stock
PU12037153267066mm 20gGhostescentN/A£11.99In stock
PU12038153267166mm 20gNatural Blue Back HerringN/A£11.99In stock
PU12039153267266mm 20gNatural ShinerN/A£11.99In stock
PU12040153267366mm 20gPerchN/A£11.99In stock
PU12041153267466mm 20gGlowing ZebraN/A£11.99In stock
PU12042153267566mm 20gUV CrawdadN/A£11.99In stock
PU12043153267666mm 20gUV Spotted Neon YellowN/A£11.99In stock
PU12044153267766mm 20gUV TigerN/A£11.99In stock
PU12045153267877mm 22gAyuN/A£11.99In stock
PU12046153267977mm 22gFiretiger GoldN/A£11.99In stock
PU12047153268077mm 22gGhostescentN/A£11.99In stock
PU12048153268177mm 22gNatural Blue Back HerringN/A£11.99In stock
PU12049153268277mm 22gNatural ShinerN/A£11.99In stock
PU12050153268377mm 22gPerchN/A£11.99In stock
PU12051153268477mm 22gGlowing ZebraN/A£11.99In stock
PU12052153268577mm 22gUV CrawdadN/A£11.99In stock
PU12053153268677mm 22gUV Spotted Neon YellowN/A£11.99In stock
PU12054153268777mm 22gUV TigerN/A£11.99In stock
PU12055153268896mm 60gFiretiger GoldN/A£13.99In stock
PU12056153268996mm 60gGhostescentN/A£13.99In stock
PU12057153269096mm 60gNatural ShinerN/A£13.99In stock
PU12058153269196mm 60gOrange Fleeing PreyN/A£13.99In stock
PU12059153269296mm 60gAyuN/A£13.99In stock
PU12060153269396mm 60gPerchN/A£13.99In stock
PU12061153269496mm 60gGlowing ZebraN/A£13.99In stock
PU12062153269596mm 60gShiny RuddN/A£13.99In stock
PU12063153269696mm 60gNatural Rainbow TroutN/A£13.99In stock
PU12064153269796mm 60gUV TigerN/A£13.99In stock
PU120661532699124mm 117gGhostescentN/A£17.99In stock
PU120671532700124mm 117gNatural ShinerN/A£17.99In stock
PU120681532701124mm 117gOrange Fleeing PreyN/A£17.99In stock
PU120691532702124mm 117gAyuN/A£17.99In stock
PU120701532703124mm 117gPerchN/A£17.99In stock
PU120711532704124mm 117gGlowing ZebraN/A£17.99In stock
PU120721532705124mm 117gShiny RuddN/A£17.99In stock
PU120731532706124mm 117gNatural Rainbow TroutN/A£17.99In stock
PU120741532707124mm 117gUV TigerN/A£17.99In stock
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