Mepps Comet Decoree Spinner Loose Lure

Mepps Comet Decoree Spinner Loose Lure

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Mepps Comet Decoree: Same Lure Less Packaging.

Mepps Comet Decoree Lures/Spinner are so versatile as you can detach the hook. Fish it with standard plain or dressed treble hooks or, with the Mepps Mino.

The red spot design is good on ‘tricky’ days whilst the blue design is good when fish are on the take. Your Mepp, your choice!

Imitates a distressed or wounded fish. With 45° angle of rotation these are ideal in still or slow moving waters. The ‘spinner’ works well close to or away from the axis of rotation. The Comet copes with rough water and currents and the obstruction of rocks and boulders.

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeColourSizeRRPPriceOnhand
DO7953RMCD000B-GBGold/BlueSz00 1.5g£3.99£2.99In stock
DO7957RMCD00B-GBGold/BlueSz0 2g£3.99£2.99In stock
DO7961RMCD01B-GBGold/BlueSz1 3.5g£3.99£2.99Temporarily out of stock
DO7965RMCD02B-GBGold/BlueSz2 4.5g£3.99£2.99In stock
DO7969RMCD03B-GBGold/BlueSz3 6.5g£3.99£2.99Temporarily out of stock
DO7973RMCD04B-GBGold/BlueSz4 8g£4.99£3.99In stock
DO7954RMCD000B-GRGold/RedSz00 1.5g£3.99£2.99Temporarily out of stock
DO7958RMCD00B-GRGold/RedSz0 2g£3.99£2.99In stock
DO7962RMCD01B-GRGold/RedSz1 3.5g£3.99£2.99In stock
DO7966RMCD02B-GRGold/RedSz2 4.5g£3.99£2.99In stock
DO7970RMCD03B-GRGold/RedSz3 6.5g£3.99£2.99In stock
DO7974RMCD04B-GRGold/RedSz4 8g£4.99£3.99In stock
DO7955RMCD000B-SBSilver/BlueSz00 1.5g£3.99£2.99In stock
DO7959RMCD00B-SBSilver/BlueSz0 2g£3.99£2.99Temporarily out of stock
DO7963RMCD01B-SBSilver/BlueSz1 3.5g£3.99£2.99In stock
DO7967RMCD02B-SBSilver/BlueSz2 4.5g£3.99£2.99In stock
DO7971RMCD03B-SBSilver/BlueSz3 6.5g£3.99£2.99In stock
DO7975RMCD04B-SBSilver/BlueSz4 8g£4.99£3.99In stock
DO7956RMCD000B-SRSilver/RedSz00 1.5g£3.99£2.99In stock
DO7960RMCD00B-SRSilver/RedSz0 2g£3.99£2.99In stock
DO7964RMCD01B-SRSilver/RedSz1 3.5g£3.99£2.99In stock
DO7968RMCD02B-SRSilver/RedSz2 4.5g£3.99£2.99In stock
DO7972RMCD03B-SRSilver/RedSz3 6.5g£3.99£2.99Temporarily out of stock
DO7976RMCD04B-SRSilver/RedSz4 8g£4.99£3.99In stock
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