Reuben Heaton Floating Devon Minnow

Reuben Heaton Floating Devon Minnow

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Floating Devon Minnow

The unmistakable, classic salmon lure, these Floating Devon Minnows from Reuben Heaton are proven fish takers.

These Devon Minnows are cast in plastic, and so won't brake or crack, even in cold waters, and are well balanced to ensure correct presentation every time.

The classic minnow design and one of the earliest forms.Tried and tested for generations, a very effective salmon bait in most conditions. Griffiths minnows are cast in one piece, and will not split or crack even in very low water temperatures. Balanced to ensure correct presentation is achieved, both Standard and Oval minnows are available in floating and sinking varieties, complete with mounts.
Mounts also sold separately.

  • Excellent salmon bait which is very effective
  • Cast in one piece, will not split or crack even in low water temperatures
  • Balanced to make sure correct presentation is achieved
  • 1 supplied per pack

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeModelWeightRRPPriceOnhand
RH0029RHDMTP150F/BkG1.5in Black/Gold3gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0205RHDMTP150F/RUBY1.5in Ruby3gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0207RHDMTP200F/RUBY2in Ruby4gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0209RHDMTP250F/RUBY2.5in Ruby6gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0211RHDMTP300F/RUBY3in Ruby8gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0030RHDMTP150F/RG1.5in Red/Gold3gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0031RHDMTP150F/BrG1.5in Brown/Gold3gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0032RHDMTP150F/BS1.5in Blue/Silver3gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0033RHDMTP150F/RY1.5in Red/Yellow3gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0034RHDMTP150F/GY1.5in Green/Yellow3gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0035RHDMTP150F/BFP1.5in Black/Fl. Pink3gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0036RHDMTP150F/BFY1.5in Black/Fl. Yellow3gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0037RHDMTP150F/BFR1.5in Black/Fl. Red3gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0038RHDMTP150F/BFO1.5in Black/Fl. Orange3gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0039RHDMTP300F/BkG3in Black/Gold8gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0040RHDMTP300F/RG3in Red/Gold8gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0041RHDMTP300F/BrG3in Brown/Gold8gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0043RHDMTP300F/RY3in Red/Yellow8gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0044RHDMTP300F/GY3in Green/Yellow8gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0045RHDMTP300F/BFP3in Black/Fl. Pink8gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0046RHDMTP300F/BFY3in Black/Fl. Yellow8gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0047RHDMTP300F/BFR3in Black/Fl. Red8gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0048RHDMTP300F/BFO3in Black/Fl. Orange8gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0049RHDMTP250F/BkG2.5in Black/Gold6gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0050RHDMTP250F/RG2.5in Red/Gold6gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0052RHDMTP250F/BS2.5in Blue/Silver6gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0053RHDMTP250F/RY2.5in Red/Yellow6gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0054RHDMTP250F/GY2.5in Green/Yellow6gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0055RHDMTP250F/BFP2.5in Black/Fl. Pink6gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0056RHDMTP250F/BFY2.5in Black/Fl. Yellow6gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0057RHDMTP250F/BFR2.5in Black/Fl. Red6gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0058RHDMTP250F/BFO2.5in Black/Fl. Orange6gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0059RHDMTP200F/BkG2in Black/Gold4gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0061RHDMTP200F/BrG2in Brown/Gold4gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0062RHDMTP200F/BS2in Blue/Silver4gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0063RHDMTP200F/RY2in Red/Yellow4gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0066RHDMTP200F/BFY2in Black/Fl. Yellow4gN/A£3.25In stock
RH0068RHDMTP200F/BFO2in Black/Fl. Orange4gN/A£3.25In stock
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