Carp Spirit Velocity XS 1200m Lo-Vis Green

Carp Spirit Velocity XS 1200m Lo-Vis Green

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Product Description

VELOCITY XS™ is Sufix's highest quality, Xtra-Strong, premium monofilament designed and developed specifically for carp fishing.

Extensively tried, tested and trusted by the carp Spirit team, VELOCITY XS™ is a soft and supple line that sinks fast.

The unique Co-polymer formulation results in excellent abrasion resistance yet still retains a high breaking strain to diameter ratio.

Available in both Lo-Viz Brown & Lo-Viz Green to suit a range of fishing conditions.

  • Low Memory
  • Large and flat Aluminium box.

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeBreaking StrainColourRRPPriceOnhand
SU10759ACS4700330.22mm 9.5lb 4.3kgLo-Vis Green£19.99£17.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2022-01-01)
SU10761ACS4700340.25mm 11lb 5kgLo-Vis Green£19.99£17.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2022-01-01)
SU10763ACS4700350.27mm 13lb 5.9kgLo-Vis Green£19.99£17.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2022-01-01)
SU10765ACS4700360.3mm 15.5lb 7kgLo-Vis Green£19.99£17.99Will ship in approx. 12 days.
SU10767ACS4700370.35mm 19lb 8.5kgLo-Vis Green£19.99£18.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2022-01-01)
SU10769ACS4700380.4mm 26lb 11.8kgLo-Vis GreenN/A£19.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2022-01-01)
SU10760ACS4700390.22mm 9.5lb 4.3kgLo-Vis Brown£19.99£17.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2022-01-01)
SU10762ACS4700400.25mm 11lb 5kgLo-Vis Brown£19.99£17.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2022-01-01)
SU10764ACS4700410.27mm 13lb 5.9kgLo-Vis Brown£19.99£17.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2022-01-01)
SU10766ACS4700420.3mm 15.5lb 7kgLo-Vis Brown£19.99£17.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2022-01-01)
SU10768ACS4700430.35mm 19lb 8.5kgLo-Vis Brown£19.99£18.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2022-01-01)
SU10770ACS4700440.4mm 26lb 11.8kgLo-Vis BrownN/A£19.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2022-01-01)
SU10749ACS4700690.22mm 9.5lb 4.3kgClear£19.99£17.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2022-01-01)
SU10750ACS4700700.25mm 11lb 5kgClear£19.99£17.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2022-01-01)
SU10751ACS4700710.27mm 13lb 5.9kgClear£19.99£17.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2022-01-01)
SU10753ACS4700720.3mm 15.5lb 7kgClear£19.99£17.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2022-01-01)
SU10755ACS4700730.35mm 19lb 8.5kgClear£19.99£17.99Will ship in approx. 12 days.
SU10757ACS4700740.4mm 26lb 11.8kgClearN/A£19.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2022-01-01)
SU10752ACS4700750.27mm 13lb 5.9kgCamo£20.99£19.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2022-01-01)
SU10754ACS4700760.3mm 15.5lb 7kgCamo£20.99£19.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2022-01-01)
SU10756ACS4700770.35mm 19lb 8.5kgCamoN/A£21.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2022-01-01)
SU10758ACS4700780.4mm 26lb 11.8kgCamoN/A£23.99Will ship in approx. 12 days.
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