Daiwa Sensor Mono

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ImageHousecodeSupplier codeColourDiameterSpool CapacityRRPPriceOnhand
DW0260EBM040Brown - 4lb0.20mm3090mN/A£10.99In stock
DW0261EBM060Brown - 6lb0.24mm2320mN/A£10.99In stock
DW0262EBM080Brown - 8lb0.260mm1855mN/A£10.99In stock
DW0263EBM100Brown - 10lb0.310mm1325mN/A£10.99In stock
DW0264EBM120Brown - 12lb0.330mm1160mN/A£10.99In stock
DW0265EBM150Brown - 15lb0.370mm925mN/A£10.99In stock
DW0266EBM180Brown - 18lb0.405mm755mN/A£10.99In stock
DW0267EBM200Brown - 20lb0.435mm665mN/A£10.99In stock
DW0268EBM250Brown - 25lb0.520mm465mN/A£10.99In stock
DW0269EBM300Brown - 30lb0.570mm385mN/A£10.99In stock
DW0271EBM400Brown - 40lb0.660m290mN/A£10.99In stock
DW0273EBM500Brown - 50lb0.700mm230mN/A£10.99In stock
DW0274EBM600Brown - 60lb0.840mm180mN/A£10.99In stock
DW1969OSM120Orange - 12lb0.330mm1160mN/A£10.99In stock
DW1970OSM150Orange - 15lb0.370mm925mN/A£10.99In stock
DW1971OSM180Orange - 18lb0.405mm755mN/A£10.99In stock
DW1972OSM200Orange - 20lb0.435mm665mN/A£10.99In stock
DW1973OSM250Orange - 25lb0.520mm465mN/A£10.99In stock
DW1974OSM300Orange - 30lb0.570mm385mN/A£10.99In stock
DW0270EBM350Brown - 35lb--N/A£10.99In stock
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