Savage Gear Gravity Twitch MR

Savage Gear Gravity Twitch MR

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The action on this lure is like nothing else out there. On a steady retrieve it wobbles and kicks in the most enticing way and runs straight even in strong currents. When you twitch it, the lure flits from side to side in an irregular way, flawlessly imitating a small prey fish. It also suspends perfectly on longer spin-stops and many of the strikes comes on this pause. This action, combined with the incredible photo print details and a built-in tubular rattle chamber, ensure that predator fish strike it hard with no hesitation.

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeColourSizeRRPPriceOnhand
SV2404474120Roach8.3cm 10g Suspending£10.99£8.99In stock
SV2404574121Blue Chrome8.3cm 10g Suspending£10.99£8.99In stock
SV2404774123Perch8.3cm 10g Suspending£10.99£8.99In stock
SV2404874124Dirty Roach8.3cm 10g Suspending£10.99£8.99In stock
SV2404974125Ayu Chrome8.3cm 10g Suspending£10.99£8.99In stock
SV2405074126Roach9.5cm 15g Suspending£11.99£9.99In stock
SV2405174127Blue Chrome9.5cm 15g Suspending£11.99£9.99In stock
SV2405274128Firetiger9.5cm 15g Suspending£11.99£9.99Additional 2-3 days to ship.
SV2405374129Perch9.5cm 15g Suspending£11.99£9.99In stock
SV2405474130Dirty Roach9.5cm 15g Suspending£11.99£9.99In stock
SV2405574131Ayu Chrome9.5cm 15g Suspending£11.99£9.99In stock
SV2406074114Hot Crayfish8.3cm 10g Suspending£10.99£4.50In stock
SV2405874112Minnow8.3cm 10g Suspending£10.99£4.50In stock
SV2405774111Brown Trout Smolt8.3cm 10g Suspending£9.99£4.50In stock
SV2406574119Hot Crayfish9.5cm 15g Suspending£11.99£4.50In stock
SV2406374117Minnow9.5cm 15g Suspending£11.99£4.50In stock
SV2406274116Brown Trout Smolt9.5cm 15g Suspending£11.99£4.50In stock
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