AXIA Monofilament

AXIA Monofilament

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Product Description

A strong, well priced mainline monofilament that has been developed to share many of the characteristics of the more expensive lines available, at a sensible price. The ideal line for filling up multiple reels in a cost-effective manner. Axia Monofilament is a tough, abrasion resistant line that is good for both beach fishing and rock and rough ground fishing. It has a high knot strength so anglers can be assured the line won’t let them down at the crucial moment. Developed to be a low memory line, it sails off a reel spool with ease, coupled with its low stretch, this makes it an excellent casting line. The low stretch also helps to promote bite indication, especially when fishing at ultra-long distances.

Spool Capacity:
  • 12lb - 1157m / 1265yds
  • 15lb - 1005m / 1099yds
  • 18lb - 960m / 1050yds
  • 20lb - 770m / 842yds
  • 25lb - 610m / 667yds
  • 30lb - 490m / 536yds
  • 35lb - 340m / 372yds

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ImageHousecodeSupplier codeColourBreaking StrainSpool CapacityDiameterRRPPriceOnhand
βž•πŸ›’TX4838TPAXC12Clear12lb1157m / 1265yds0.32mmN/A£5.99In stock πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’TX4839TPAXC15Clear15lb1005m / 1099yds0.35mmN/A£5.99In stock πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’TX4840TPAXC18Clear18lb960m / 1050yds0.38mmN/A£5.99In stock πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’TX4841TPAXC20Clear20lb770m / 842yds0.40mmN/A£5.99In stock πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’TX4842TPAXC25Clear25lb610m / 667yds0.45mmN/A£5.99In stock πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’TX4843TPAXC30Clear30lb490m / 536yds0.50mmN/A£5.99In stock πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’TX4844TPAXC35Clear35lb340m / 372yds0.55mmN/A£5.99In stock πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’TX4845TPAXR12Hi Vis Red12lb1157m / 1265yds0.32mmN/A£5.99In stock πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’TX4846TPAXR15Hi Vis Red15lb1005m / 1099yds0.35mmN/A£5.99Additional 2-3 days to ship. πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’TX4847TPAXR18Hi Vis Red18lb960m / 1050yds0.38mmN/A£5.99In stock πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’TX4848TPAXR20Hi Vis Red20lb770m / 842yds0.40mmN/A£5.99Additional 2-3 days to ship. πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’TX4849TPAXR25Hi Vis Red25lb610m / 667yds0.45mmN/A£5.99In stock πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’TX4850TPAXR30Hi Vis Red30lb490m / 536yds0.50mmN/A£5.99Additional 2-3 days to ship. πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’TX4851TPAXR35Hi Vis Red35lb340m / 372yds0.55mmN/A£5.99Additional 2-3 days to ship. πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’TX4852TPAXY12Hi Vis Yellow12lb1157m / 1265yds0.32mmN/A£5.99Additional 2-3 days to ship. πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’TX4853TPAXY15Hi Vis Yellow15lb1005m / 1099yds0.35mmN/A£5.99In stock πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’TX4854TPAXY18Hi Vis Yellow18lb960m / 1050yds0.38mmN/A£5.99Additional 2-3 days to ship. πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’TX4855TPAXY20Hi Vis Yellow20lb770m / 842yds0.40mmN/A£5.99Additional 2-3 days to ship. πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’TX4856TPAXY25Hi Vis Yellow25lb610m / 667yds0.45mmN/A£5.99Additional 2-3 days to ship. πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’TX4857TPAXY30Hi Vis Yellow30lb490m / 536yds0.50mmN/A£5.99In stock πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’TX4858TPAXY35Hi Vis Yellow35lb340m / 372yds0.55mmN/A£5.99Additional 2-3 days to ship. πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’TX9098TPAXC10Clear10lb1274m / 1392yds0.30mmN/A£5.99In stock πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’TX9095TPAXC4Clear4lb2730m / 2985yds0.20mmN/A£5.99In stock πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’TX9097TPAXC8Clear8lb1820m / 1990yds0.26mmN/A£5.99In stock πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’TX9096TPAXC6Clear6lb2183m / 2388yds0.23mmN/A£5.99In stock πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’TX9099TPAXC40Clear40lb271m / 296yds0.65mmN/A£5.99In stock πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’TX9100TPAXC50Clear50lb236m / 258yds0.70mmN/A£6.99Additional 2-3 days to ship. πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’TX9101TPAXC60Clear60lb182m / 199yds0.75mmN/A£6.99Additional 2-3 days to ship. πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’TX9102TPAXC70Clear70lb140m / 153yds0.80mmN/A£6.99Additional 2-3 days to ship. πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’TX9103TPAXC80Clear80lb122m / 133yds0.90mmN/A£6.99In stock πŸ›’
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