Lureflash Antron Bodywool

Lureflash Antron Bodywool

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Different from other products this is the 'real McCoy' with parallel strands of genuine Trilobal Antron Yarn. IT can be used as wool in trails, bodies, backs etc. or can be teased out and used as Antron Seals Fir Sub for dubbing. It can also be used doubled up for lures & large bodies or separated and used like floss for small buzzers.

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FLU0134AAAW19AmberN/A£1.99In stock
FLU0134ACAW9BlueN/A£1.99In stock
FLU0134ADAW14ClaretN/A£1.99In stock
FLU0134AEAW7D.BrownN/A£1.99In stock
FLU0134AFAW8D.GreenN/A£1.99In stock
FLU0134AGAW4Fluo OrangeN/A£1.99In stock
FLU0134AHAW2Fluo PinkN/A£1.99In stock
FLU0134AIAW13Fluo RedN/A£1.99In stock
FLU0134AJAW5Fluo YellowN/A£1.99In stock
FLU0134AKAW16G.YellowN/A£1.99In stock
FLU0134ALAW18GingerN/A£1.99In stock
FLU0134AMAW10GreyN/A£1.99In stock
FLU0134ANAW21H.GreenN/A£1.99In stock
FLU0134AOAW6L.BrownN/A£1.99In stock
FLU0134APAW20Medium OliveN/A£1.99In stock
FLU0134AQAW17OliveN/A£1.99In stock
FLU0134ARAW27PeachN/A£1.99In stock
FLU0134ASAW11PurpleN/A£1.99In stock
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