DAM Effzett Shadster 1pc

DAM Effzett Shadster 1pc

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The high body shape of the EFFZETT® Shadster already attracts a lot of attention under water as a visual target, but in combination with the strong rolling and belly- flashing swimming action, even at the very slowest speed, it is simply irresistible! This excellently crafted and thoroughly designed lure immediately triggers the hunting instinct of big predatory fish and leads to extremely hard bites. Like all models in the EFFZETT Shadster family the Shadster has an outstanding swimming action and superb hand painted colors and finishing. The 5 available sizes of 7cm, 9cm, 12cm, 15cm and 20cm are suitable for many different rigging styles. From a round or stand-up jig head, a screw-in jig head for vertical jigging to a shallow screw on the 15cm and especially 20cm model, it can handle everything! The Shadster has all it takes to end-up between the sharp teeth of the really big predators. Available in a bulk box.

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DM438771187Silver Shiner7cm 3.4gN/A£1.29In stock
DM439471194Silver Shiner9cm 7.2gN/A£1.59In stock
DM440171201Silver Shiner12cm 16.8gN/A£1.89In stock
DM440471204Roach UV12cm 16.8gN/A£1.89In stock
DM440571205Firetiger UV12cm 16.8gN/A£1.89In stock
DM440871208Silver Shiner15cm 33gN/A£2.99In stock
DM441571215Silver Shiner20cm 77gN/A£4.29In stock
DM442271222Slim Silver Shiner6.5cm 2.3gN/A£1.49In stock
DM442971229Slim Silver Shiner8.5cm 5.2gN/A£1.59In stock
DM444371244Slim Silver Shiner13.5cm 20.7gN/A£2.29In stock
DM440271202Motoroil Char. UV12cm 16.8gN/A£1.89In stock
DM440371203Lemon Shiner UV12cm 16.8gN/A£1.89In stock
DM440671206Spotlight Glow UV12cm 16.8gN/A£1.89In stock
DM440771207Golden Shiner UV12cm 16.8gN/A£1.89In stock
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