Berkley Power Swimmer Soft

Berkley Power Swimmer Soft

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Bekley Powerbait transforms novice anglers into exceptional anglers. Berkley scientists have spent over 25 years refining the proprietary Powerbait compound, which has an irresistible aroma and flavour. Fish adore Powerbait so much that they stay hooked for 18 times longer, giving you more time and confidence to feel more bites - and catch more fish!

  • Reliable paddletail action that attracts fish
  • Multiple rigging options: jig head, weighted swim bait, dropshot rig, Texas rigs and Carolina rigs
  • Higher hooking ratio due to softer compound
  • Eye popping colors

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ImageHousecodeSupplier codeColourRRPPriceOnhand
PU109651524049Red Shiner2.8in 8pcs£6.99£4.00In stock
PU109681524052Clear Goby2.8in 8pcs£6.99£4.00In stock
PU109691524053Cotton Candy2.8in 8pcs£6.99£4.00In stock
PU109701524054Dark Red2.8in 8pcs£6.99£4.00In stock
PU109711524055Hot Pink2.8in 8pcs£6.99£4.00In stock
PU109751524059Red Shiner3.3in 8pcs£7.99£4.00In stock
PU109851524069Red Shiner3.8in 6pcs£7.99£4.00In stock
PU109951524079Red Shiner4.3in 6pcs£8.99£4.00In stock
PU109781524062Clear Goby3.3in 8pcs£7.99£4.00In stock
PU109881524072Clear Goby3.8in 6pcs£7.99£4.00In stock
PU109981524082Clear Goby4.3in 6pcs£8.99£4.00In stock
PU109791524063Cotton Candy3.3in 8pcs£7.99£4.00In stock
PU109891524073Cotton Candy3.8in 6pcs£7.99£4.00In stock
PU109991524083Cotton Candy4.3in 6pcs£8.99£4.00In stock
PU109801524064Dark Red3.3in 8pcs£7.99£4.00In stock
PU109901524074Dark Red3.8in 6pcs£7.99£4.00In stock
PU110001524084Dark Red4.3in 6pcs£8.99£4.00In stock
PU109811524065Hot Pink3.3in 8pcs£7.99£4.00In stock
PU109911524075Hot Pink3.8in 6pcs£7.99£4.00In stock
PU110011524085Hot Pink4.3in 6pcs£8.99£4.00In stock
PU109741524058Carrot2.8in 8pcs£6.99£4.00In stock
PU109841524068Carrot3.3in 8pcs£7.99£4.00In stock
PU109941524078Carrot3.8in 6pcs£7.99£4.00In stock
PU110041524088Carrot4.3in 6pcs£8.99£4.00In stock
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