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Savage Gear Saltwater Sandeel Lures

Savage Gear Saltwater Sandeel Lures

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2 bodies and 1 head per pack.

This stunning and unique lure is a supernatural sandeel imitation. The Sandeel is the favourite snack of many predators. These soft-bodied lures have the most fantastic swimming action. The sandeel is Savage Gear's first 100% saltwater specific lure, designed mainly for vertical fishing – but have also proved to be deadly as swimbaits and even for trolling. The swimming action is so real; you have to see it, to believe it! Top quality Japanese carbon steel saltwater grade hooks, to withstand brutal attacks and land big predators. Excellent Cod, Sea Bass, Coalfish or even smaller Halibut.

Sandeel 18cm - 100g and Sandeel 20cm - 150g

The Sandeel is a very important prey fish and just about any saltwater predator loves them. The new giant 18 and 20cm versions have been requested by many anglers to use for big Cod, Coal fish, Halibut etc. Savage Gear's unique “under skin" painting technique enables us to make each lure look incredibly lifelike.

The chosen colours are based on inputs from the most successful guides in the Nordic saltwater guiding business. Giant Sandeel - superior big fish lures! The swimming action is so real, you have to see it to believe it!

  • Customised Japanese Forged Carbon hooks
  • “Under skin" painting
  • Real Sandeel swimming action and profile.
  • 2 pcs soft bodies
  • Superb for Seabass, Cod, Pollack and any other Prey hunting Predators!

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ImageHousecodeSupplier codeLengthColourWeightRRPWasNowOnhand
SV90914220312.5cmBlue Silver23g£6.99£5.99£5.39In stock
SV173955516912.5cmPink Glitter23g£6.99£4.00£3.60In stock
SV88934089512.5cmReal Pearl23g£6.99£5.00£4.50In stock
SV91034221416cmBlue Silver42g£7.99£6.99£6.29Additional 2-3 days to ship.
SV111604508816cmLemon Back42g£7.99£6.99£6.29In stock
SV173965517016cmPink Glitter42g£7.99£5.00£4.50In stock
SV77253756616cmSandeel42g£7.99£5.00£4.50In stock
SV90934220417cmBlue Silver65g£8.99£7.00£6.30In stock
SV111614508917cmLemon Back65g£8.99£6.00£5.40In stock
SV90924294117cmReal Pearl65g£8.99£6.00£5.40In stock
SV90974220818cmBlue Silver100g£10.99£7.00£6.30In stock
SV111624509018cmLemon Back100g£10.99£7.00£6.30In stock
SV90984220918cmSandeel100g£10.99£7.00£6.30In stock
SV91014221220cmBlue Silver150g£13.99£8.00£7.20In stock
SV111634509120cmLemon Back150g£13.99£8.00£7.20In stock
SV91024221320cmSandeel150g£13.99£8.00£7.20In stock
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