Savage Gear Savage Minnow Weedless 2+1 Combo

Savage Gear Savage Minnow Weedless 2+1 Combo

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Baitfish imitations don't get much more realistic than this, with dynamic kicking motion on the drop and retrieve. The lure comes up on the retrieve and stands up when rested on the bottom, thanks to a unique rise and stand-up jig head that assures a precise motion. The Pro Peg body holder allows you to use a skewer to peg the body to the head, offering a very simple and secure hold. The soft PVC body is pre-rigged with a glass rattle to add an extra tempting sound to the bait. The replaceable EWG hook has a strong click-on connection on this weedless version of the lure.

  • Each pack contains 1 Jig Head, EWG hook and 2 Lure Bodies
  • Super realistic details
  • Lively kicking action on retrieve and drop
  • Articulated head movement
  • Stand-up and rise jig head design
  • Weedless design
  • Click-on connection for the EWG hook
  • Carbon steel forged EWG hook in tin finish (#3/0 or #5/0 depending on size)
  • Removeable glass rattle in body
  • Pro Peg body holder for effective hold
OW0922 3 for 2 on Savage Gear Lures!

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ImageHousecodeSupplier codeColourWeightRRPPriceOnhand
SV2362572438Green Silver10cm 16g£10.49£8.49Additional 2-3 days to ship.
SV2363172444Green Silver12.5cm 28g£11.49£9.49In stock
SV2362672439Khaki10cm 16g£10.49£8.49In stock
SV2363272445Khaki12.5cm 28g£11.49£9.49In stock
SV2362772440White Pearl Silver10cm 16g£10.49£8.49In stock
SV2363372446White Pearl Silver12.5cm 28g£11.49£9.49In stock
SV2362872441Blue Pearl Silver10cm 16g£10.49£8.49In stock
SV2363472447Blue Pearl Silver12.5cm 28g£11.49£9.49In stock
SV2362972442Lemon Back10cm 16g£10.49£8.49In stock
SV2363572448Lemon Back12.5cm 28g£11.49£9.49In stock
SV2363072443Pink Pearl Silver10cm 16g£10.49£8.49In stock
SV2363672449Pink Pearl Silver12.5cm 28g£11.49£9.49In stock
SV2649776890Cotton Candy10cm 16g£9.49£8.49In stock
SV2650176894Cotton Candy12.5cm 28g£10.49£9.49In stock
SV2649876891Lemon Candy10cm 16g£9.49£8.49In stock
SV2650276895Lemon Candy12.5cm 28g£10.49£9.49In stock
SV2649976893Tequila10cm 16g£9.49£8.49In stock
SV2650376897Tequila12.5cm 28g£10.49£9.49In stock
SV2650076892Wagasaki10cm 16g£9.49£8.49In stock
SV2650476896Wagasaki12.5cm 28g£10.49£9.49In stock
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