Savage Gear Super Cast EGI

Savage Gear Super Cast EGI

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You won’t believe this isn’t a real squid, and more importantly, neither will big snappers, groupers and other pelagic predators. The Swimsquid Inchiku lure has an incredibly lifelike squid swimming action and is designed to be used with slow jigging equipment on light tackle. With slow, gentle jerks the scented tentacles will move in a very enticing way and – combined with the realistic glow skirt – will help attract predators from far around. This lure looks fantastic on the fall and also features a built-in steel rattle and realistic 3D cuttlefish eyes. There are also two different rings so you can fish the lure with different actions.

  • Scented skirt with squid scent
  • Hydro Lock Ribbing
  • 3D cuttlefish eyes
  • Super-realistic skirt
  • Built-in steel rattle
  • Super-durable coating
  • Pre-rigged with super-sharp twin assist hooks

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