Savage Gear 4Play V2 Liplure

Savage Gear 4Play V2 Liplure

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Savage Gear have tuned and tested to come up with a #SavageGear classic re-designed. The original 4Plays in liplure and swim&jerk were a sensational success on predatory fish all over the world and with the V2 they've smashed it again.

Based on a 3D scan of a Herring the 4play V2 consists of four articulated segments that gives them their characteristic incredibly lifelike swimming action the slow float material and lip let you fish at the running depth allowing the lure to raise in the water enticing strikes from following fish.

  • 13.5cm 2x#4 Trebles Runs 2-4ft
  • 16.5cm 2x#2 Trebles Runs 3-5ft
  • 20cm 2x#1 Trebles Runs 4-7ft
  • Slow float

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ImageHousecodeSupplier codeSizePatternRRPPriceOnhand
SV192476173113.5cm 18gHerring£16.99£13.99In stock
SV192486173213.5cm 18gRoach£16.99£13.99In stock
SV192496173313.5cm 18gPerch£16.99£13.99In stock
SV192506173413.5cm 18gRudd£16.99£13.99In stock
SV192516173513.5cm 18gFiretiger£16.99£13.99In stock
SV192526173613.5cm 18gGolden Ambulance£16.99£13.99In stock
SV192536174316.5cm 32gHerring£18.99£15.99In stock
SV192546174416.5cm 32gRoach£18.99£15.99In stock
SV192556174516.5cm 32gPerch£18.99£15.99In stock
SV192566174616.5cm 32gRudd£18.99£15.99In stock
SV192576174716.5cm 32gFiretiger£18.99£15.99In stock
SV192586174816.5cm 32gGolden Ambulance£18.99£15.99In stock
SV192596175520cm 62gHerring£20.99£12.00In stock
SV192616175720cm 62gPerch£20.99£12.00Last 1 remaining!
SV192626175820cm 62gRudd£20.99£8.00Last 1 remaining!
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