Hends Camou French Leaders

Hends Camou French Leaders

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French anglers are noted for fishing with very long leaders. This technique is incredibly effective in smaller, shallow and clean rivers. This long tapered is fabricated from tapered monofilament and is the ideal leader for the french nymph technique as well as a great all around leader!

One leader per pack, in a variety of lengths and breaking strain options.

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ImageHousecodeSupplier codeLengthBreaking StrainColourDiameterRRPPriceOnhand
โž•๐Ÿ›’HE0010CFL4X350350cm4X - 2.8kgCamo0.18mmN/A£5.99In stock ๐Ÿ›’
โž•๐Ÿ›’HE0016CFL5X350350cm5X - 2kgCamo0.15mmN/A£5.99In stock ๐Ÿ›’
โž•๐Ÿ›’HE0017CFL3X450450cm3X - 3.5kgCamo0.21mmN/A£5.99In stock ๐Ÿ›’
โž•๐Ÿ›’HE0009CFL4X450450cm4X - 2.8kgCamo0.18mmN/A£5.99In stock ๐Ÿ›’
โž•๐Ÿ›’HE0019CFL4X452450cm4X - 2.8kgFluo Camo0.18mmN/A£5.99In stock ๐Ÿ›’
โž•๐Ÿ›’HE0018CFL5X450450cm5X - 2kgCamo0.15mmN/A£5.99In stock ๐Ÿ›’
โž•๐Ÿ›’HE0020CFL3X902900cm3X - 3.5kgFluo Camo0.21mmN/A£6.99In stock ๐Ÿ›’
โž•๐Ÿ›’HE0015CFL3X350350cm3X - 3.5kgCamo0.21mmN/A£5.99In stock ๐Ÿ›’
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