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Scientific Anglers Trout Leader

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It's all well and good to have a quality fly line, but without a good leader, you're out of luck. Our nylon Freshwater leaders come in four different lengths and feature a longer, larger butt section for easy turnover. These new materials feature the highest wet knot strength in the industry and true-to-spec X sizes. Each leader comes in a two-pack, so you spend less time rooting through your vest for a new leader and more time actually fishing. You can fish the other stuff, or you can Fish the Truth.

  • 2 Leaders Per Package
  • 7.5ft – ideal for most situations, wind
  • 9ft – multi-situation leader
  • 12ft – spring creeks, wary fish
  • 15ft – spring creeks, wary fish
  • Longer, larger butt for easy turnover

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeModelRRPPriceOnhand
SA14761158897.5' 5X 4.4lb (0.152mm) 2pkN/A£8.99In stock
SA14771158727.5' 4X 6lb (0.178mm) 2pkN/A£8.99In stock
SA14791158587.5' 2X 9.8lb (0.229mm) 2pkN/A£8.99In stock
SA14801158417.5' 1X 12.7lb (0.254mm) 2pkN/A£8.99In stock
SA14811158347.5' 0X 14.9lb (0.279mm) 2pkN/A£8.99In stock
SA14821159719' 7X 2.3lb (0.102mm) 2pk£8.99£7.00In stock
SA14831159649' 6X 3.3lb (0.127mm) 2pk£8.99£7.00Last 3 remaining!
SA14841159579' 5X 4.4lb (0.152mm) 2pk£8.99£7.00In stock
SA14851159409' 4X 6lb (0.178mm) 2pk£8.99£7.00In stock
SA14861159339' 3X 8.5lb (0.203mm) 2pk£8.99£7.00In stock
SA14871159269' 2X 9.8lb (0.229mm) 2pk£8.99£7.00In stock
SA14881159199' 1X 12.7lb (0.254mm) 2pk£8.99£7.00In stock
SA14891159029' 0X 14.9lb (0.279mm) 2pk£8.99£7.00Last 2 remaining!
SA14911132509' 18# 18lb (0.330mm) 2pkN/A£8.99Last 2 remaining!
SA14921132679' 16# 16lb (0.305mm) 2pkN/A£8.99Last 1 remaining!
SA149711865112' 2X 9.8lb (0.229mm) 2pk£8.99£7.00In stock
SA149811864412' 1X 12.7lb (0.254mm) 2pk£8.99£7.00In stock
SA149911863712' 0X 14.9lb (0.279mm) 2pk£8.99£7.00In stock
SA150011335912' 16# 16lb (0.305mm) 2pk£8.99£7.00In stock
SA150111334212' 18# 18lb (0.330mm) 2pk£8.99£7.00Last 3 remaining!
SA150211333512' 20# 20lb (0.357mm) 2pk£8.99£7.00In stock
SA150311872915' 2X 9.8lb (0.229mm) 2pk£8.99£7.00In stock
SA150411871215' 1X 12.7lb (0.254mm) 2pk£8.99£7.00In stock
SA150511870515' 0X 14.9lb (0.279mm) 2pk£8.99£7.00In stock
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