Airflo Sightfree Supple Fluorocarbon

Airflo Sightfree Supple Fluorocarbon

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Suppleness of tippet is an often overlooked factor in improving presentation, being more supple allows your flies to move naturally in the water.

This premium fluorocarbon is super supple, super strong and super thin boasting an impressive strength to diameter ratio.

This virtually invisible tippet has superior knot strength, is highly abrasive and above all a very user friendly and reliable product.

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeBSLengthRRPPriceOnhand
AF8210F-ASFS-3.6-503.6lb50m£14.99£7.99In stock
AF8211F-ASFS-4.6-504.6lb50m£14.99£7.99Temporarily out of stock
AF8212F-ASFS-5.8-505.8lb50m£14.99£7.99In stock
AF8213F-ASFS-6.5-506.5lb50m£14.99£7.99In stock
AF8214F-ASFS-7.6-507.6lb50m£14.99£7.99Temporarily out of stock
AF8215F-ASFS-8.7-508.7lb50m£14.99£7.99Temporarily out of stock
AF8216F-ASFS-10.6-5010.6lb50m£14.99£7.99Temporarily out of stock
AF8217F-ASFS-12.8-5012.8lb50m£14.99£7.99In stock
AF8218F-ASFS-3.6-1003.6lb100m£24.99£12.99In stock
AF8219F-ASFS-4.6-1004.6lb100m£24.99£12.99Temporarily out of stock
AF8220F-ASFS-5.8-1005.8lb100m£24.99£12.99Temporarily out of stock
AF8221F-ASFS-6.5-1006.5lb100m£24.99£12.99Temporarily out of stock
AF8222F-ASFS-7.6-1007.6lb100m£24.99£12.99Temporarily out of stock
AF8223F-ASFS-8.7-1008.7lb100m£24.99£12.99Temporarily out of stock
AF8224F-ASFS-10.6-10010.6lb100m£24.99£12.99Temporarily out of stock
AF8225F-ASFS-12.8-10012.8lb100m£24.99£12.99In stock
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