Seaguar Grand Max Fluorocarbon

Seaguar Grand Max Fluorocarbon

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Grand Max Fluorocarbon is the premium choice for Anglers in Fresh and Saltwater. With the highest breaking strain of any fluorocarbon for a given diameter, Grand Max is a must when the fish are "spooky", and one cast may be all you get!

Grand Max is slightly softer than Riverge and a higher breaking strain for diameter. It still has superb knot strength and abrasion resistance and is ideal for Trout, Salmon, Pike and Saltwater Game fish. It has been extensively tested and using standard knots found to knot easily and be entirely dependable.

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeBreaking StrainLengthX RatingDiameterRRPPriceOnhand
FW0044GMH64.75lb100yd6X0.140mmN/A£24.99In stock
FW0043GMH56.0lb100yd5X0.160mmN/A£24.99In stock
FW0042GMH47.5lb100yd4X0.185mmN/A£24.99In stock
FW0041GMH39.5lb100yd3X0.210mmN/A£24.99In stock
FW0040GMH212.5lb100yd2X0.240mmN/A£24.99In stock
FW0039GMH114.5lb100yd1X0.260mmN/A£24.99In stock
FW0038GMH016.5lb100yd0X285mmN/A£26.49In stock
FW0449GMH2222lb100yd02X0.360mmN/A£27.99In stock
FW0450GMH1818lb100yd01X0.330mmN/A£26.49In stock
FW0451GMH73.5lb100yd7X0.115mmN/A£24.99In stock
FW0446GM73.5lb30yd7X0.115mmN/A£8.99In stock
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