Prologic Steri-7 Fish Care Antiseptic Spray 100ml

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Fish care is one of the most vital aspects of angling. If you want to be able to continue to catch bigger and more beautiful fish then it is important to look after the fish that you do land. This means checking over the fish for any bites from predators, such as otters or other predatory fish; taking care when removing the hook from its mouth, particularly if you’re fishing with a barbed hook; and taking steps to ensure that you do not damage the scales of the fish with your net or other equipment. There are plenty of seemingly small choices that anglers can make which seriously affect the health and welfare of their fish. For example, changing nets from a thick and wide mesh to a fine hex-mesh could make the difference between a fish with damaged fins and scales and a fish that is happy and content. Similarly, ensuring that you have a large, damp, and padded unhooking mat on hand, allowing you to release your fish from the hook safely and securely, is equally important. Finally, owing top quality carp care products, such as antiseptic spray or gel, to patch up any wounds they may have sustained before or during your capture can, ensure that your fish will not only survive but it will thrive to fight another day.

Prologic has teamed up with STERI-7 in order to create this Fish Care Antiseptic Spray. STERI-7 is a UK based company that produces sterilisation solutions for countless sectors, including healthcare, food manufacture, and agriculture. This made the brand the perfect candidate to join with Prologic to create and antiseptic product that was suitable for the angling industry. The result was this Prologic STERI-7 Fish Care Antiseptic Spray, a high level fish care product with proven results.

    Facts about STERI-7 and 2019-NCoV (Corona virus) - Hand Hygiene
  • Click HERE to read more
  • STERI-7 is a non-alcoholic disinfectant foam, 100 % organic, which is bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal
  • Until now it has not been possible to test Steri-7 on envelope virusses on hands, only on surfaces. However, the active ingrediens DDAC, which is found in Steri-7, has proven very effective on SARS. 2019-NcoV Virus and SARS are closely related, at least 70%, and originates from the same family and are both categorized as Corona viruses.
  • Stays active for up to 3 hours on hands and will re-moisturise the skin, it even works on soiled hands. In contrast to Alcohol Gel, which evaporates very quickly making hands susceptible to new bacteria
  • Works up to 72 hours on surfaces making it very useable for areas with high risk of infections.
  • Contains no UN numbers or fire hazard making it useful for air flight transportation.

Steri 7 isn’t just for fish it’s to protect the angler as well from bacteria, and most importantly in today’s mad world of fear around Viral infections. Steri 7 has been proven to be effective on SARS which is also a Corona strain virus’s.

  • High power disinfection and sanitising wipes
  • Used on hands to guard against Leptospirosis
  • Safe to be used on any surface including materials
  • May also be used to clean and disinfect cook wear and utensils
  • Supplied in a 100ml spray bottle
  • Ensures wounds are free of bacteria when fish are returned to water

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