Sonik SKS Black Shore Rod

Sonik SKS Black Shore Rod

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Product Description

This rod range is simply a super piece of kit that will significantly improve your shore or beach fishing, both in terms of performance and distance casting. Don't be fooled by the stunning cosmetics because under the hood it has a powerful blank that has a power to weight ratio that needs to be experienced first hand, so you really need to get your hands on one of these rods to see for yourself how powerful it really is. And of course, there is the lightness. Paradoxically, for a rod with such inherent strength and power, it feels very light indeed so spending a full day fishing and casting with it will offer significant energy savings, giving you a much more enjoyable session. Lastly, when you buy a Sonik rod, you are entering into a very special relationship because, as a brand, they are widely accepted as one of the best rod manufacturers out there, so when they turn their expertise and attention to Shore Fishing you know they have thought long and hard about the angler's needs and translated those needs into a stunning piece of kit. Buying one of Sonik's rods solidifies that relationship because you can trust that a significant amount of research and development has gone into the process and you can have great confidence that it won't let you down.

A Quick Summary of Features

  • Supplied with a two piece cloth bag with Velcro closure
  • Comes finished with a custom sliding reel seat to fit reel up or reel down casting styles
  • Powerful carbon fibre blanks with smooth casting action
  • Durable Hardloy rings suitable for multiplier or fixed spool reels
  • Slim, comfortable shrink wrap handles
  • Black tyings with metallic red tipping
  • Red cross weave carbon fibre

Tackle test review

Being able to punch a 5oz lead 150m is within the capabilities of an intermediate/tournament shore caster - usually with an expensive 14ft Shore Rod. However, who would have thought that a rod for under £85 would give novice shore anglers the belief that such distances are achievable? There is no doubt that it takes a reasonable level of skill and the ability to swing into a 5oz lead to load the rod appropriately and to create enough energy to catapult a bait that far. However, with the Sonik SKS Black Shore Rod, aspiring to such a distance is no longer a pipe dream. This is thanks to some clever upgrades that will suit every casting ability easily.

It brings the world of top-end surf rods to a whole new accessible level. No longer is it the case that you need to spend crazy money on high-end rods to achieve the same result. On the contrary. In fact, the SKS has a whole list of features that stack up against rods at double their price point. Features such as a faster, lighter, sleek and more responsive carbon fibre blank with a stunning red cross weave appearance, making the rod both aesthetically pleasing and desirable. In the hands, it feels comfy and has a nice feel, and if you give it a good wiggle you'll immediately notice how crisp and responsive the 2 piece blank is. In fact, there is very little wobble or sloppiness to the rod and has a noticeably pleasing action. The handle features good quality Japanese shrink wrap which is slim and ‘grippy' therefore offers great comfort and traction throughout the casting stroke. The rings are durable Hardloy, wrapped in a stunning black whipping, and are ideal for both multiplier or fixed spool reels. Hardloy offers anglers a reliable, cost-effective and high-performance ring that is made from a blend of high-grade aluminium oxide. This blend produces a much higher compression strength, therefore making Hardloy much more durable, lighter and better for heat dissipation.

Bite detection is a breeze. Its white tip section is sensitive enough to even the smallest bites from smaller fish at long distance. So whether your target species is Cod, Whiting, Bass, Flatfish, Smoothound, Black Bream or Grey Mullet, being able to detect the subtlest of movements is essential for a prompt response. The net result is the ability to strike more promptly, therefore, resulting in less deep hooking and a bigger catch rate.

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