Middy Reactacore XZ65-3 World Elite Pole

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Middy’s flagship XZ65-3 pole is absolutely world class and designed for elite competition anglers. When the original XZ65 pole was launched, it was received with awe and wonder as to how such a stiff and high quality pole could be achieved for the money. This was followed by the XZ65-2 which was even better and now, due to Quad carbon technology, this XZ65-3 is even lighter and longer than its predecessors, without losing any of its super strength. It is built using the new ‘Maximus Wrap’ joints system and weighs just 730g at 13m. The package includes new slightly shorter ‘Ultra-Control’ kits developed with Lee Thornton and Rob Wootton for maximum control when landing fish. There is then a clever ‘Adaptive Q’ short parallel 3rd that allows you to use the kit at a longer length if required. All kits and sections are compatible with the previous XZ65 and XZ65-2 models. The sections have a new ‘Spine-Line’ aligner insignia and the popular DNS distance numbering system is retained. The pole is built using new four layer ‘Quad’ carbon technology to give super rigidity and strength. The new kits also have a ‘Depth-Line’ marking system for precise knowledge of swims in the main catching zone of up to 3ft deep. A bold claim, but the XZ65-3 really is the best 16 rated pole in the world – you will not find better.

INCLUDED FREE: Max8-SL kit in the pole (exclusive to the XZ65-3), as well as 6 ‘Ultra-Control’ two-kits, an ‘Ultra-Control’ Phantom kit, a Cupp kit (8 additional kits total), a Short 4th, an ‘Adaptive Q’ short parallel 3rd, a ‘Safe-Zone Pro’ 11.5/13m reversible mini-butt, a ‘Safe-Zone Pro’ 14.5/16m reversible mini-butt (16.5m package only), plus a holdall from the MX-Series luggage range.

  • New: ‘Quad’ carbon technology macromolecular structure with three covalent bonds
  • New: ‘Maximus Wrap’ on the joints to increase pole length and durability
  • New: ‘Spineline’ aligner system sections and kits
  • ‘DNS’ distance number system on butts for totally precise fishing
  • ‘HKD’ providing stability and consistency in extreme temperatures
  • ‘VC-X’ high pressure carbon curing
  • ‘S-Slide’ micro-ground fast-shipping surface
  • ‘CKB’ colour keyed bush-fit bands on all kits
  • New: ‘Depth-Line’ markers on all kits
  • Pull-It reinforcement on the fourth and all kits
  • New: Dome Top Protection System on the 4th, 5th and mini butts
  • Balance ratio 28.9N at 13m with Max8-SL kit fitted
  • Weighs only 730g @13m
  • Kits and bag worth over £670/€840 included free

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