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Lures/Rubber Lures


Rapala Original Floater Lure
Save up to 23%!

Available in:
5cm 3g 7cm 4g 9cm 5g 11cm 6g 13cm 7g 18cm 21g 3cm 2g
Rapala Countdown Sinking Lure
Save up to 11%!

Available in:
3cm 4g 5cm 5g 7cm 8g 9cm 12g 11cm 16g 2.5cm 2.7g
Rapala Jointed Floating Lures

Available in:
11cm 5cm 7cm 9cm 13cm
Rapala X-Rap Lure

Available in:
4cm 2g 6cm 4g 8cm 7g 10cm 13g
Rapala X-Rap Peto Hybrid Lure	20cm 83g

Available in:
20cm 83g 14cm 39g


Mepps Aglia Lures
Save up to 10%!

Available in:
Size 0 Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4 Size 5 Size 00
Mepps Comet Decoree Lures
Save up to 13%!

Available in:
0 1 2 3 4 5 00
Mepps Comet Black Fury
Save up to 39%!

Available in:
1 2 3 4
Mepps Aglia Long Lures
Save up to 22%!

Available in:
1 2 3 4 5 00
Mepps Comet Decoree Spinner Loose Lure
Save up to 25%!

Available in:
Sz00 1.5g Sz0 2g Sz1 3.5g Sz2 4.5g Sz3 6.5g Sz4 8g Sz5 8g
Mepps Aglia Long Spinner Loose Lure
Save up to 25%!

Available in:
Sz0 2.5g Sz1 4.5g Sz2 7g Sz3 11.5g
Mepps Aglia (Loose Lure)
Save £0.50

Available in:
Sz00 1.5g Sz0 2.5g Sz1 3.5g Sz2 4.5.g Sz3 6.5.g
Mepps Black Fury Loose Lure
Save up to 12%!

Available in:
Sz1 3.5g Sz2, 4.5g Sz3 6.5g Sz4 8g



Abu Garcia Toby Salmo Lures
Save £0.20

Available in:
Silver Copper Silver/Copper Copper/Orange Dot Silver/Blue Glitter Orange/Copper Glitter Gold Green Glitter Blue Flank Dark Back Copper/Black/Orange Blue/Silver/Yellow Green/Yellow Copper/Hi-Vis

Lures/Tobi Type

Lures/Jig Heads

Lures/Devon Minnows

Lures/Sea Spinners


Lures/Flying C

Lures/Misc Lures

Lures/Lure Making

Fishing Lures

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